KELLY MCMANUS, Creative Director/Owner

My goal is to create an emotional connection between you and your customers. I do this through engaging design and sensory experiences — everything from events to collateral and websites. I’m insatiably curious, and that means you benefit from new and highly creative ideas, fresh applications, and innovative brand development.

The majority of my work – my passion – is with non-profits, but I occasionally tell the stories of ‘for-profits’ too.

More than anything, it’s the relationships and community building that get me up in the morning. To that end, I’m an open and extroverted creative, who enjoys concepting new product/event/community-building ideas with my best friends and neighbors and spending oodles of time with my husband and teen-age son. Well, not so much with the teenager … <insert teenage eye-roll here>.

  • Creative direction experience: Leadership, strategic planning, business ownership, graphic design, brand development, retail marketing, marketing for fundraising campaigns and experiential events.
  • Twenty years of project management experience ($2K – $800K projects): comfortable leading and coordinating interdisciplinary teams through various size projects and events, while building effective schedules and budgets.
  • Line Producer on small team that received the 2000 Daytime Emmy Award for “Outstanding Special Class Animated Program” for Rolie, Polie, Olie – the first 30 minute, 3D animated Saturday morning cartoon.